What Is 1st 2nd 3rd in LinkedIn

What Is 1st 2nd 3rd in LinkedIn

Just began your LinkedIn journey? Then you would have started adding connections to your profile. When you browse through profiles, you can see 1st, 2nd, or 3rd attached to their name. What is 1st 2nd 3rd in LinkedIn? How are they measured? 

Let’s get started.  

1st Level Connection

First-level collections for the people who you are directly connected with. People will become your first-level connection either when they accept your connection or you accept the connection. 

When you are connected with people you can send messages directly to them. 

Then, what does 2nd connection mean on LinkedIn? 


2nd Level Connection

The second-level collections on your LinkedIn are those that are connected with your first-level connection. They are simply like mutual friends on Facebook. 


3rd Level Connections

Third-level connections are those that are connected with your second-level connections. 


How Can You Connect With 2nd And 3rd-level Connections On LinkedIn? 


If the person is available in your first connection you can directly send them a message from the message section. However, if the person is on your second-degree connection you can’t send them a direct message. 

You can connect with them by clicking on the connect icon below their profile. To increase the chances of getting connected, send them a personalized message. 

Connecting with third-level connections is entirely different. If you can see the person’s full name, that is with their first name and last name, you can send them a connection request. 

If you are unable to see the person’s last name you can’t connect with them. In this case, you can use the option InMail to send a message. 


Note: The InMail option is only available with LinkedIn premium. 


In some cases, you can come across some profiles which don’t have any number besides their name. These kinds of people are not available in your network connection at all. You can reach them only through the InMail feature of LinkedIn. 

You can also directly send messages to second and third-level connections if you both were in a common group. 


Is It Possible To Cancel The Connection Request? 

If you have sent a connection request accidentally to your second or third-level connection, you can also cancel it. 

For Desktop:

Is It Possible To Cancel The Connection Request For Desktop
Is It Possible To Cancel The Connection Request For Desktop
  • Go to the My Network section. 
  • Select ‘See all’ available next to ‘Invitations’. 
  • Now tap on the Sent tab. 
  • You can see all the invitations sent. 
  • Select Withdraw to cancel your connection request. 


For Mobile:

Is It Possible To Cancel The Connection Request From Mobile
Is It Possible To Cancel The Connection Request From Mobile
  • Go to the My Network section. 
  • Select on Invitation.
  • Now tap on the Sent tab. 
  • Tap Withdraw beside the profile name if you want to cancel the request. 

That’s it! This is what the 1st 2nd 3rd in LinkedIn is all about. We hope this article helped you.


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Does Instagram Pay You For Reels?

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Creating a reel is just a 1-hour work for sure, but if you know how to create viral reels consistently, you can start monetizing your content even within 3 months. 

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