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How To Create Viral Reels On Instagram (8 Proven Hacks)

How To Create Viral Reels On Instagram

Creating viral content is no easy task. Creating a viral video or post means that the content is going to be shared over and over again. This is just the kind of exposure that most startups dream of. In this blog, we’re going to dive into how you can create viral reels on Instagram and how to use them to get that much-coveted exposure.


Instagram Reels Viral Hacks: How To Create Viral Reels On Instagram? 

8 Proven Hacks: On How To Create Viral Reels On Instagram
8 Proven Hacks: On How To Create Viral Reels On Instagram
  1. Riches Are In The Niches 

When you look at the popular reels on Instagram you can find the page is about a particular niche or category. 

The Instagram algorithm shows your post to a specific audience who are all interested in the topic you are posting about, Stick to a niche and be consistent on posting to get the reach you want. 


  1. Quality Matters The Most 

Instagram is a visual platform, so your content has to be high quality both in terms of resolution and content. 

When you are ready to provide an eye-catching video with mind-blowing information, your reel will automatically get more engagement as you have expected. 

Need some tips? Let’s look into it, 

  • Make reels under the exposure of better light with zero background noise.  
  • The optimal size of an Instagram reel is 1080×1920. So make sure your video has the perfect size to fit into the frame. 
  • Don’t stuff your video with text. Only add sufficient text with normal font size. 


  1. Start With The Hook

If you want to make the scrolling thumb stop at your reel, provide a hook in the beginning. Start with something that is stuck in their minds. 

More and more reels are being uploaded on Instagram even in your niche. So, to stand out, open up your reel with the attention-grabbing hook. 

The First 5 seconds of your video are important to make the user stick with the entire content of your reels.


  1. Go With The Trend 

To make your reels trending, it is important to add the trending elements. Add trending music, effects, and elements to your reels. 

You can see the trending songs in the recommended songs list while you are making a reel. If you mix up your reel with the trending music, the chance of getting viral views increases. 


  1. Avoid Using TikTok Videos 

The main motive of Instagram reels is to pull people from Tiktok to Instagram. So, if you use TikTok videos, will Instagram promote them? 

No, right?

The Instagram algorithm is brilliant enough to detect Tik Tok watermarks on your reels. 

So make reels directly from Instagram or edit videos somewhere else except TikTok. 


  1. Usage Of Perfect Hashtags

Using hashtags will tell the Instagram algorithm what your content is all about. If Instagram recognizes your content it will push your reel to the perfect audience related to your niche. 

Even though usage of the perfect hashtag is essential, don’t overload your reals with too many hashtags. 

Just use 10-20 relevant hashtags to your niche. You can find the trending and popular hashtags using some tools like, 


  1. Adding A Cover To Your Reels

Similar to YouTube videos, you can upload a cover to your reels. Make the cover image click-working with a catchy title and better graphics. 

Yes, the thumbnail won’t appear if the user is already scrolling through the reels section. But it will show in the home feed. 


  1. Revise The Performance

The biggest mistake that every user makes is overlooking the profile metrics and performance. 

If you are consistently posting reels on Instagram, you would have experimented with multiple contents.

Examine the reels which got the most views and engagement.  Observe the elements like time of posting, usage of hashtags, usage of music, and more to get which works for you. 


Overall, these are all the Instagram reels viral hacks that help you to create viral reels on Instagram and play pro-level gaming on Instagram. 


If your content follows all these hacks your real will explode on featured sections.


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