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digital marketing for beginners

How To Start A Career in Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

A step-by-step roadmap to help you learn and build practical experience as an online marketer. 

  • 145+ Pages, 10,000+ words
  • List of 150+ Relevant & Free Online Resources 
  • Detailed Action Plan To self-learn Digital Marketing
  • Practical Tips to Find internships, Job as a beginner
  • Action Plan to Build Your Personal Brand

What's Inside?

  • My Story
  • Why I Wrote This Book
  • Who Should Read This Book
  • How Should You Approach This Book
  • What Is Digital Marketing
  • Why Is Digital Marketing Important
  • What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing
  • What Are The Myths About Digital Marketing
  • Who Are The Core Members Of A Digital Marketing Team
  • What Does A Digital Marketing Manager Do What Are The Skills Needed To Become A Digital Marketer
  • What You Should Know Before You Start Learning Digital Marketing
  • Free Online Resources To Self-Learn Digital Marketing
  • Free Online Courses To Self-Learn Digital Marketing
  • Action Plan To Strengthen Your Core :- Writing, Designing & Website Creation
  • How To Find An Internship, Clients For Freelancing, Job In Digital Marketing
  • How To Switch From Any Career To Digital Marketing
  • How To Start Working As A Freelancer Or Independent Consultant?
  • How To Build Your Personal Brand As A Digital Marketer
  • Final Thoughts

Meet The Author

Surojit Mahato

Surojit started his career in management research in 2014. 

He Developed 27 Business Case studies on Marketing & Strategy, published in ICFAI Journal & The Case Centre, London. He also won the Oikos International Case Study competition in Switzerland, in 2015. 

Post that Surojit led the marketing team at a Book Publishing StartUp to build an online brand that appealed to their customers, created social media presence from scratch and generated leads from paid online marketing campaigns. Prowess went from publishing 20 books a month to 1000+ books a month within 2 years.

After that Surojit worked with numerous companies in Real Estate, IT Services, and Cybersecurity and replicated the same success.

Currently, he works as a Marketing Consultant & Trainer, and Speaker. Some of the colleges where he was invited as a guest speaker include IIT Kanpur, IMT Nagpur, and MET Mumbai. 






Case Studies

More Than Just A Book...

Written After Training 5000+

An Action Packed guide filled with practical tips to help you
Launch your career in Digital Marketing.

Who Should Read This Book

This book is for beginners who are tired of reading 1000s of articles online
And want to find everything in one place and self-learn.


Learn new skills, build a personal brand, switch to better jobs, get freelancing side hustle.


Build career, Get internships, Build a portfolio of projects, Find Job opportunities


Get holistic understanding of digital marketing to connect the dots. Become a freelancer in writing, Design, social media marketing, etc.


Learn cost effective marketing to create awareness, generate leads and drive conversions for your business

influencers & Coaches

Build your personal brand with content, gain followers, increase engagement, monetize your social media accounts

Senior Managers

Learn how the execution to lead with examples. Inspire your team with the right knowledge.


What’s so unique about this eBook?

The Internet is flooded with information and you might feel overwhelmed as a beginner. Everything is available, but you need a guide to tell you what to learn from where, and how to proceed. 

Which topics should you focus on as a beginner and most importantly how should you get practical experience?

This eBook is written totally from personal experience. 

The purpose of this book is to help beginners who are looking for high-quality credible information online to self-learn the topic. 

This book will help you develop a good understanding of the subject, what to learn, where to learn from, what should be the strategy as a beginner, how to switch careers and how to start a career in Digital Marketing. 

Surojit has written this after training more than 5000+ students via live online sessions.